Who are Springboard to the Future?

Springboard to the Future is the result of lots of discussions during lockdown about what the future for organisations could look like. Our co-founders have known each other for a number of years and have discussed collaborating before but the stars weren't quite in alignment before. So, Springboard to the Future is a collaboration between St Andrews Consulting and Northlight Solutions to address a specific need: organisations are going to be more dispersed in the future which is going to raise the importance of culture, values, leadership and teamwork when lots of people are going to be working from locations away from the office for a good proportion of the week.

So, who are our founders?

Photo of Glen

Glen Maxwell-Heron

After over 10 years’ experience as a marine engineering officer in the Royal Navy, Glen spent the next 10 years working in consultancy with Fujitsu Consulting and delivering business and IT change in the financial services sector for Nationwide Building Society and Halifax Bank of Scotland. After a 4 year stint in Japan work doing consultancy and training delivery with companies such as Saint-Gobain Isover, Tycho Electronics and Kirin, he returned to the UK to focus on management and leadership development.

The key thing he learned is that getting the people part of change right is key to success despite it being difficult. So now, Glen helps businesses put their people at the heart of their change agenda. He is adept at delivering interventions, either on a team or individual basis, to enhance leadership, teamwork and culture to give organisations the best possible chance of success. He has experience of all phases of the project lifecycle: from planning/analysis, through implementation and then in to embedding the change to deliver lasting benefit.

I have been hybrid working for over 20 years with teams based in various different locations around the UK and, in turn, I was based remotely from my managers and leaders. The technology has changed dramatically in that time but, as always, it is the strength of your relationships that will enable you to get things done quickly.

I have worked in strong cultures, both good and bad, and have seen the positive impact that engaged leadership can have on an organisation. I have learned lots about how to lead remote teams: some from positive experience but also large amounts from ‘how not to do it’. I really enjoy working with organisations that want to improve their performance in the people area – you can never put too much focus on your people.

Felix Spender

A former soldier turned professional peacemaker now getting people, businesses and organisations working collaboratively to achieve their ambitions.

Felix has huge experience in supporting businesses that want to improve their levels of cooperation and collaboration so that they can survive, compete and flourish. The scope of his work reaches from shop floor to boardroom. His particular specialism is in creating cultures that enable collaboration, innovation and change; and helping companies that want to resolve conflict as a means to progress.

“My first attempt at setting up Northlight Solutions was a failure. The intent was to create a distributed network of experts who could work together to resolve complex problems. I had no difficulty finding willing experts but attempted to impose a centralised culture on remote workers. The result was that the network split into an inner core and outer periphery, eventually leading to fragmentation. My second attempt built on the lessons gleaned from the first. I had to change my operational style dramatically and embrace asynchronous working, something which was entirely alien to me. The result has been to produce a highly efficient organisation that delivers top quality products.”