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“We now have a golden opportunity to embrace flexible and remote working to create a better work-life balance for millions of people.”

Pete Watson CEO, Atlas Cloud 2021

Your options:

The experiences of lockdowns and the pandemic have changed organisations and people. The world of work has been revolutionised with a wide range of working methods ranging from traditional centralised office working to a fully remote “work from home” setups.

Now many organisations are choosing to opt for hybrid working and the question that many CEOs’ simply don’t know the answer to, is: “how can I safely optimise hybrid working for maximum productivity in my company?”.

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Over half of UK workers would consider quitting their job if, in the future, a hybrid work option were pulled by their employer.

YouGov survey published by Microsoft 2021

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We help you answer the "how" question:

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution – all organisations and teams are unique. Hybrid, remote and centralised working models can all be developed and refined to improve productivity, flexibility and resilience whilst creating a better work-life balance for your teams.

Helping you find the right answers, work through the implications for your organisation and deliver the best models what we do.

We have a process and a plan for doing that so are you ready to put people at the heart of your organisation? Is your organisation ready to thrive?

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We also know business leadership is tough and this is yet another thing to be dealt with. We have used our military and professional skills to design a simple process that helps you understand the problem, develop solutions, and implement for success.

We focus on delivering no-nonsense, practical help that makes an immediate difference. We don't do management-speak mumbo jumbo. We are not the story; we help our clients write their own story.

We have worked at the coal face, acquired the skills and held senior leadership positions. We have over 20 years experience of hybrid working and change delivery so know the potential and the pitfalls of both.

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Finding the right people to work with is THE key to success.

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  • You want to put people at the heart of your organisation.
  • You are ambitious and want to go forward.
  • You are prepared to invest in creating a culture of innovation and change.
  • You recognise the value of external support.

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