Helping managers
tune misfiring teams

“If you have managers who can’t connect with people, the team will disengage.”

Tomas Charmorro-Premuzic, Chief Talent Scientist Manpower Group

Your organisation is facing economic uncertainty and business volatility with rising costs, recruitment difficulties and ongoing personnel changes putting productivity and margins under strain.

Your team leaders and managers are under ever-increasing pressure across the organisation to survive and thrive in difficult times. Your teams are also being pushed to deliver more with limited resources.

Woman working in kitchen
Managers are wasting time micromanaging issues and dealing with conflict.
Things aren’t “flowing” as they should.

Are you seeing these symptoms?

Lack of cohesion: teams have lost coherence and become disengaged, team members have changed, silo thinking and behaviour has reduced cooperation and innovation, lines of communication have become fractured which all lead to reduced flexibility, issues not being resolved and increased misunderstandings leading to conflict.

Creaking business processes: gaps in understanding and responsibility have developed, lines of escalation aren't working well, work items are dropping through the cracks, communications with your teams' customers are difficult, there is a rising sense of frustration and dissatisfaction around the team.

Squeezed middle managers: Divergent and conflicting priorities, pressure from above and below, high individual workloads, increasing isolation, spending too much time and effort micromanaging, resolving issues and arguments, showing signs of stress.

"If issues aren’t picked up early, they can escalate and become more time consuming.”

Bill Willmott, Head of Public Policy, Chartered Institute of Personal Development

How can you minimise their impact?

You can deliver measurable improvements by focusing on quick wins – short, sharp interactions that are highly cost-effective and achieve real results. You can achieve real change quickly by focusing on the following areas:

Rebuilding collaboration: relationships have been disrupted, boundaries blurred, gaps created. Get your teams working together properly again.

Hybrid/flexible working: a mandated “one-size fits all” working pattern doesn’t really work for anyone. Work collaboratively to find models that will deliver greater engagement and productivity.

Team Leadership/personal development: leadership and management is hard. Doing it remotely is harder still and needs a different approach. Onboarding, on-job-training and mentoring are also significant challenges. Work with us to develop the squeezed middle management.

Retention: Workforce turnover is disruptive and expensive in terms of cost, managers time and lost productivity. Engage with your team to identify lines of conflict and develop ways of managing their expectations

For more details and some ideas, take a look at our Quick Wins page.

How do you get results quickly?

Finding a way to get your people talking to each other again in an open way is key. It is the only way you will find out what is really going on, rebuilding relationships, breaking down barriers, reducing harmful conflict and rebuilding teams.

You could choose to do this “in-house” – lots of organisations do it very successfully. Or you could choose to engage a credible third party, such as us, to organise the range of workshops, masterclasses and training modules needed. You could be seeing positive impact in as little as 3 hours by taking a look at our Quick Wins page.

Are you right for us?

Finding the right people to work with is THE key to success. We explain how the consulting market works on our Pricing page to help you find the right people.

You are right for us if:

  • You want to put people at the heart of your organisation.
  • You are ambitious and want to go forward.
  • You are prepared to invest in creating a culture of teamwork and developing the leaders of the future.
  • You recognise the value of external support.
How much is this going to cost?

On our Pricing page, we explain how the consulting market works and how we do things differently with open-book, fixed pricing.

How do you get started?

It all starts with a conversation - click on the button to set up a free, confidential call - you may well find it fun, useful spend of your time. Look at it as a very small investment in the future of your organisation.

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